Romance Writing Links


The Passionate Pen- I stumbled across this site long ago while learning more about writing romance. Jesse has a ton of resources on her site and is a talented muli-published author.

Romance Critters- Looking for an active critique group? This one is great and very supportive.

Writing World's Writing Romance Page- A ton of links and resources.

Charlotte Dillon's Romance Author Links- Charolotte  has one of the most comprehensive sites I've ever seen on romance writing.

Callihoo Writing Idea Generator- One of the best places to go if you develop writer's block.

Meg's Writing Tips- Tons of great articles from author Meg Chittenden.

Character Building Workshop- A helpful tool to get inside the heads of your characters.

Teresa Medeiros's tips for aspirig authors- Best selling romance author Teresa Medeiros gives some great tips and inspiration on her site.


If you happen to find any links that don't work anymore, please let me know. I'm aiming to keep my new site up to date.

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