All About Marguerite

Marguerite Arotin has been writing since the third grade when she wrote her first story for a Halloween class project and loved the praise she got from it. She didn’t pick up her first romance novel, however, until the age of nineteen when she met her husband who showed her that true love does exist.

She lives in Ohio with her hero of a husband, smart son, and two loveable cats. When she's not writing, she can be found on her purple princess dell laptop, procrastinating on Facebook, Wordpress, or Twitter and calling it promotion. Or surfing the net and calling it research.




Marguerite with Glasses :)


Where Marguerite finds inspiration.

The Last Sorceress: This story was really inspired by the 80's science fiction movie, The Last Starfighter. With so many of the guys I work with at my part time job talking about World of Warcraft or League of Legends I began to ponder a story like The Last Starfighter but with a fantasy twist.

The Wayback Home and Return of the Prodigal Daughter:

This one stemmed from a lot of brainstorming with my friend, critique partner and fellow romance author, Abbey MacInnis. When we heard about the Wayback Texas series from The Wild Rose Press, we knew how much fun it would be to help build a ficitional rodeo town. I think I always knew I wanted my hero to be a rodeo clown. After looking more into the job, I have a newfound respect for what those guys do. It takes a brave man to lure a bull away from an injured cowboy.

The Locktenders Daughter:

Walking along the Towpath trail. It's so easy to imagine what life was like back then because other than the cars along Canal Road, it hasn't really changed too much. This one had an interesting muse. My villain, Josiah Black is based upon a real life canal counterfieter named Jim Brown.