Okay, I admit it. I am a research junkie! Here are some of my favorite links & since I write a lot about Ohio history, many of these links have to do with Ohio history. However, there are a few that can help any historical or fantasy romance writer. Enjoy browsing around & I hope you find them as helpful as I have !
Historical Research  Fantasy research

Historical Research Links


Rails & Trails- This site came in handy when I was plotting Bethany & Tyler's trip.
Encyclopedia of Cleveland History- An excellent site with excellent photos & articles about Cleveland, Ohio's History.
Cleveland Memory Project- Tons of old photographs from Cleveland and the suburbs.
Ohio History Central- Ran by the Ohio Historical Society, these pages have a ton of articles dealing with everything from early Indians in Ohio right up to the Wright Brothers. An excellent resource for anyone looking into Ohio history
Roots and Routes- I've been using this site to research my next WIP. It deals with migrations from CT to both the Firelands and Western Reserve areas of Ohio. A very neat site!
Dead Ohio- It might sound a bit morbid but it's an extremely well-researched city dealing with Ohio Cemeteries, ghost stories and legends. I often rely on ghost hunters for help because they have to do tons of historical research of their own. Stephanie, the young woman who runs this site has been a big help in my research.
Forgotten Ohio- Another excellent site for research that deals mostly with the Columbus area.
Past Patterns- A wonderful research site for clothing
The Costume Gallery Research Library- Another great site for researching clothing. However, be prepared as they do charge fees.
Literary Liaisons- A wonderful resource for the historical writer.
Victoriana. Com- A great site for anything having to do with the Victorian Era.
Digital History- An excellent resource dealing with many eras of American History.

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Fantasy Research


You might not think that there's any research needed for fantasy stories. However, creating all new worlds and the characters who live in them is not easy. Here are some very helpful sites I found while working on The Last Sorceress

The Mystica- I found this site while looking for creatures to use part of Adieal's army. Tons of articles on not only mystical topics but it also includes plenty of religious articles too. A wonderful resource for fantasy writers
Elf Name Generator -used this to create many of my elven names
Seventh Sanctum- I love this site. Fantastic name generator.
 10 steps of Creating Fantasy Animals- Everything you need to know about creating fantastic animals, like my storkephants.
Encylopedia Mythica- Cool site I just found with all sorts of info about myths from around the world.
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