Return of the Prodigal Daughter excerpt is © 2008-2011 by Dana Ann Ozak w/a Marguerite Arotin available through The Wild Rose Press and Kindle format through Amazon.

"I think it just might. I still believe in happy endings, Jake. I wish you did too. I should get on home. Max is waiting on me."

He didn't know quite why, but he grabbed her arm before she could slip into her Escape, pulled her close to him, so close that her soft curves pressed against him, close enough that he could smell the lavender scent of her perfume. Everything about Sherrie positively intoxicated him, made him dizzy, and weak, but it wouldn't be enough until he tasted her lips, so he did. He crushed his lips into hers.

To his amazement, she didn't fight him, didn't even try to break free. She relaxed into his embrace and parted her lips. He delved his tongue inside, tasting every corner of her spearmint flavored mouth. She must still be a gum chewer. Even though he'd given her up when he'd left California, it felt so perfect and right to have her in his arms again.

Finally, she broke free, leaving him breathless and sporting a raging hard-on. If he had his way, he would pick Sherrie up and carry her back to his bed, but he was certain Max would have something to say about that. Max Porter had made it clear when Jake returned to Wayback that he was to stay away from the youngest Porter girl ... forever.

Sherrie suddenly slapped the side of his cheek so hard that it stung. "That's for taking advantage of me."

He gave her a half-grin. "You didn't seem to mind it so much when I was kissing you."

"You ... Oh ... Damn it, Jake!"

He loved the way her cheeks turned a bright crimson. Watching her open the door to her SUV, he decided that he might not be able to hold his shooting star forever, but he'd enjoy the way she shined for as long as she stayed in Wayback.


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