Heartland Historicals

What are heartland historicals? Historicals that take place in my home state of Ohio of course :). Local history has long fascinated me. So when I started writing romance novels, of course the first historical romance I ever wrote and had published was set in Ohio during the canal era.

The Loctender's Daughter by Marguerite Arotin

Bethany Wilder never expected to find love in the arms of the nephew of the man who shot down her first love. But when she rescues Tyler Brown out of the canal, she can’t deny her attraction to him.

Tyler Brown never expected to be rescued by an angel in a calico dress. He is determined to prove to Bethany that he’s nothing like his uncle. Even if he has to drag her on a wild goose chase after Uncle Josiah to do it.


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Reviews for The Locktender's Daughter:

The Locktender’s Daughter is a lovely read. Bethany and Tyler are interesting characters who seem to have something in common. They want to help others and put a stop to Josiah, while also trying to find a happy life filled with love. The reader gets a feel for Bethany’s sorrow after losing her first love. She emits bravery and determination during her sorrow. After meeting Tyler, I hoped that she would be able to once again share in love and try to bury any hurt she suffered. Uplifting and sweet, Marguerite Arotin pens a story of lost love, revenge, and discovering love all over again. She gives strength to her characters and shows how sometimes even crushed dreams can eventually find a path to begin a life anew. With a colorful cast of secondary characters, this story is a most enjoyable read.

Reviewed by: Linda L. for Fallen Angels Reviews.

The reader is caught up in a euphoric feeling of hope as we witness Bethany’s second chance for love as she reaches out to embrace Tyler’s promise of eternal devotion culminating in a marriage. It is a tale that promises to fill your heart with joy, knowing that love is the most important aspect in life. Ms. Arotin’s novel makes you soar with happiness, flying on wings of hope and believing in happy endings. I look forward, with great anticipation to her next novel. Reviewed by Suzanne Hurley- Author of Changeable Facades

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