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Return of the Prodigal Daughter

A famous prodigal daughter, Sherrie Porter, comes home to Wayback after a wild fire destroys her Malibu beach home and ruins her modeling career. While she longs for the comfort of family and friends, there’s one person she wants to avoid— her ex-boyfriend Jake Serrano. Jake thought he did the right thing by leaving his girlfriend to her modeling career. When they meet again, he can’t deny the flames that never died between them. Can the two lovers rekindle the old passion or will stubborn pride tear them apart?

Availabe in e-book through The Wild Rose Press

Also available in print format as part of the three story Wayback anthology, The Way Back Home


Reviews for Return of the Prodigal Daughter:

Return of The Prodigal Daughter is a wonderful story fraught with lots of emotional highs and lows. The book is set at a good pace for readers to indulge in the love of Jake and Sherrie and to be caught up and anticipating other romances brewing on the back burner.

- Sandra for CK2 Kwips and Critiques.
Marguerite Arotin's The Return of the Prodigal Daughter is an excellent read. Witty, and fast paced, I enjoyed reading a love re-found- type story. The subplots were entertaining and so well written that they are even good enough to rate their own "meanwhile back at the farm" type sequel as far as I'm concerned. This is the third book released by Ms. Arotin and I expect to see more in the future. A great way to spend a lazy afternoon.- Valerie at Manic Readers

This story of love lost, love found flowed very nicely. I liked that there was backstory tucked into their daily lives so you find out what has happened without it being too much at once. I enjoyed meeting some of the secondary characters that are from other Wayback stories. This story was very nicely written and I enjoyed every minute of it. My only complaint, as with some other stories this length, is that I wanted it to gone on longer than it did.

Reviewed by Breia Brickey at

WRDF Review

This is a fast paced Wayback, with snappy dialogue, frustratingly misplaced trust issues, and some great interfering busybodies in the supporting cast.
Snapdragon at Long and Short Reviews.


This book is fast-paced and entertaining. The storyline is somewhat unique—certainly an interesting way to view love lost and restructured. The sexual tension between Jake and Sherrie was unbelievable. The sex was hot and frequent but not offensive. That didn’t make the decisions they faced any easier, however, because there were no modeling career opportunities in Wayback, Texas.

I recommend this book highly. I truly enjoyed reading it and didn’t stop from the first page until the last. I was totally captivated.

Overall rating:
Sensuality rating: Very sensual

Reviewer: Brenda Talley at The Romance Studio


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